Rx Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
a.c. before meals
a.d. right ear
a.m. morning
amp. ampule
aq. water
a.s. left ear
a.u. both ears
b.i.d. twice daily
cap. capsule
cr. cream
DS double strength
g, gm gram
gtt(s) drop(s)
h, hr hour
h.s. at bedtime
inj. injection
i.m., IM intramuscular
i one tablet
ii two tablets
iii three tablets
IU international unit
i.v., IV intravenous
kg kilogram
lot. lotion
max. maximum
mcg microgram
mEq milliequivalent
mg milligram
min. minimum [or] minute
mitte send (quantity)
mL millilitre
neb. nebule
noct. at night
o.d. right eye
o.s. left eye
o.u. both eyes
oz ounce
p.c. after meals
p.m. evening
p.o. by mouth or orally
p.r., PR rectally
p.r.n., PRN as needed
p.v., PV vaginally
q every
q.i.d. 4 times a day
q.s. a sufficient quantity
Rx prescription
SC subcutaneous
sig. write (on the label)
SL, s.l. sublingually, under the tongue
sol. solution
s.s., SS one-half
SQ subcutaneously
stat immediately
supp. suppository
susp. suspension
syr. syrup
tab. tablet
tbsp tablespoon
t.i.d. 3 times a day
troch. lozenge
tsp teaspoon
u.d. as directed
ung. ointment
vag. vaginally