Rx Dose Calc! Calculate Pediatric Drug Dosages in Seconds!

Calculate Pediatric Drug Doses! RxDoseCalc is a medical tool to help doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals calculate the pediatric drug dosages based on the weight or the age of the patient.

3 easy steps to use the pediatric dose calculator

Step 1 : Go to the Drug List (A-Z) page and choose the medication and strength from the list
Step 2 : Enter the patient’s weight either in kilograms or in pounds to calculate pediatric drug dosage
Step 3 : With one click Rxdosecalc will convert the weight between pounds and kilograms, calculate the pediatric drug doses, check the drug maximum dose, and display the final dose in both milliliters and milligrams

We constantly add new drugs to our Drug List page, so please visit it regularly for updates.

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